Effects of Music Experiences During School Years
on Professional Creative Achievement Among a Sample of
 Architects, Industrial Designers, and Chefs

The National Association of Music Merchants Foundation
Sounds of Learning:  The Impact of Music Education (Phase VI)
(RFP 6.1)   The Impact of Music Education on Creativity

Peter R. Webster, Ph.D.
 Principal Investigator, Grant Administrator
Professor of Music Education/Technology
Henry and Leigh Bienen School of Music
Northwestern University

Project Overview

This project is a major initiative devoted to the study of music experiences and their relation to adult creative achievement outside of music.  Very little is understood about the effects of formal and informal music experiences on creative achievement of adult professionals in fields such as architecture where there is a complex blend of both convergent and divergent thinking during the creative process similar to music.  Studying professionals both in the Chicagoland area and beyond, I am working from a theory that there may be a linkage between music experiences and creativeness in architecture.

I am asking professional architects, desigers, and chefs to take a 15-minute online survey that collects basic information about formal and informal musical involvement during school years. The last question in the survey asks that you nominate a few names of working architects or designers or chefs in your area or near Chicago, that, in your opinion, have attained high levels of “creative achievement."  In thinking about “creative achievement,” we asks that you define this in ways that you feel make sense.  This will set the stage for the second part of the study which will involve personal interviews with selected individuals that are identified by peers.  By taking some time from your busy schedule to complete this first stage of our research, you will be helping greatly in the understanding of music and its role in adult creative achievement.

Please Assist!

This survey is administered by a profession research firm assisting Peter and we ask that you respond by November 10th.  Just click on the link below to complete the survey!  All of your responses are confidential and will be seen only by me.  Results will be reported as group data and no single person will be identified.  Questions about this study can be referred to me at the Bienen School of Music at pwebster@northwestern.edu.  This study has been approved by the Internal Review Board at Northwestern University.  A full copy of the findings will be shared with you if you would like them.


Industrial Designers:


Thank you so much for your help!!!